Initialize Roland VersaWorks Software

Reinitialize Roland VersaWorks Software
Under certain situations it may me necessary to Re-initialize the Roland VersaWorks Software application. Corrupt files and may be causing the program to crash. This is a good way to reset the program without reinstalling the program. First thing you should do is get the IP address of your printer, if you do not already know what it is. You can find this from VersaWorks by selecting from the Printer Tab, Printer Settings. This will show what the IP Address is currently set for your printer. It is important that you make note of what this number is, it will be needed later. Before Initializing the application you should backup and save all of your jobs from the RIP, they will be cleared out when initializing.

Go to the Start Menu under All Programs you will see a folder Roland VersaWorks with in there is you will see Initialize Application . Click on Initialize Application to begin the Initialization of the program.

You will now have to input the settings in VersaWorks. When opening VersaWorks type in the IP Address of the Printer. Enter the Numbers that you made note of earlier. Click Verify, then Apply
Enter the Preference Settings. From the Edit Tab select Preferences. This will give you a pop up window with Preferences. Under the General Tab if you like to work in Inches or Centimetres this can be changed here. Under Tab Roland@Net   Check the Box for “Check for Updates Automatically and Notify”.
Select the Frequency Every Week is a Good option.
Under Update options Have the Check Box Selected Download Media and Color Profiles
Select the Button “Only for the Current Printer and Ink Type” otherwise you will be downloading files you don’t need.

To Set your Queue Settings
From the Edit Tab then select Edit Queue A Settings
From the Pop up Window Queue A Properties
in the File Format Tab section Change the EPS margin to 0.03 to ensure your cut lines or edges are not hidden.

Check both Boxes for Convert Spot Color and Convert Special Color From the Printer Controls Tab Section Change all Drop Downs to Use Printer Settings

Do the same settings for Edit Queue B Settings


All Graphic Supplies Introduces Impulsa Sewing Machine

All Graphic Supplies Introduces Impulsa Sewing Machine

The Impulsa Automatic Sewing Machine a high speed machine ideal for hemming banners, flags, and other fabric signs used in the textile industry. The Impulsa Automatic Sewing Machine is value priced  now available from All Graphic Supplies contact us. For  further details visit our Website.

Check out our the Playlist on our YouTube Channel on The Impulsa Automatic Sewing Machine

Mimaki USA announces JV150 Series printers and CJV150 Series cut-and-print devices

Mimaki USA, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutters, announced the JV150 Series printers and CJV150 Series cut-and-print devices.
JV150 Series printers
The JV150 Series is based on the JV300 Series platform introduced earlier this year and is available in two sizes:
• 54-inch JV150-130
• 64-inch JV150-160

CJV150 Series cut-and-print devices with White and Silver ink
Based on the recently-introduced CJV300 Series models, the CJV150 Series printers add cut-and-print capability for signage or textile applications. CJV150 Series models feature advanced piezo head technology and can print at speeds of up to 605 square feet per hour. These cut-and-print devices can use either SS21 eco-solvent inks or Sb53 dye-sublimation inks and are available in four sizes:
• 32-inch CJV150-75
• 43-inch CJV150-107
• 54-inch CJV150-130
• 64-inch CJV150-160
Details at Mimaki USA.

Roland Announces VersaUV LEJ-640FT Flatbed UV Printer

Roland Announces VersaUV LEJ-640FT Flatbed UV Printer
Flatbed UV Printer with a bed size of 64″ x 98″ capable of handling a 4′ x 8′ Sheet up to 6″ Thickness.



A natural extension of the award-winning VersaUV series, the LEJ-640FT flatbed UV printer delivers unparalleled printing capabilities and superior compatibility with the widest range of substrates, including heavy, rigid materials up to six inches thick and weighing up to 220 pounds.

In addition to CMYK, the LEJ-640FT adds White and Clear Coat ECO-UV inks for spectacular POP displays, interior design, art, promotional products, and 2-sided signs with high visual impact and unique dimensional effects. The result is a flatbed printer for exceptional graphics that are anything but flat .

More information from Roland. Roland LEJ-640FT