Siser NA APP for your Smart Phone

Siser North America has an App for your your smart phone, that you can use on
Apple iPhone or Google- Android.
You can download the app from iTunes or Google Play Store.
With the Siser App you view all the color sample for the full line of heat transfer products from EasyWeed, Glitter it is all there. A very useful and handy feature is the application instructions, giving you the pre-heat time, temperature, pressure settings and what is required for using the specific product all from the convenience from your phone or tablet.
Siser has wide range of heat transfer products for textiles and fabrics.
Siser also give some great tips and suggestions for using heat transfer and combining with graphics using the dye sublimation process and digi-patterns that you get from Siser’s Website.

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Cut Lines Not Showing in VersaWorks

Cut Lines not showing in Roland VersaWorks with Spot Colors and Transparencies.
What can happen when opening your art work in Roland VersaWorks when you are expecting the cut contour cutting lines to show and the special items and the marching ants. When they do not appear the set up of your files in Adobe Illustrator may need a small change.
If you have set up the art work with CutContour Swatch from Roland with the stroke of where want the cut path. The objects that you are printing may have a transparency or even a drop shadow, which uses a transparency. Other effects used in illustrator can cause the following message to appear when you are exporting the file to EPS.
This message should be the first sign that you need to make the adjustment.
When spot colors are used with transparency, changing them to process
colors outside of Illustrator can generate unexpected results.
click Continue
You will now have the EPS options window pop-up, under Transparancy click Customtran-ill1a
You will now have options for Transparency, be sure that
Convert All Strokes to Outlines is UNCHECKED,
click OK and save the file.
The CutContour Swatch that you are using for stroke of the cutting path is a spot color,
by having it Checked will convert that spot color to CMYK. When opening the file in VersaWorks it is looking for the Spot color and if it has been converted your cut lines will not show. This is why when your art work with transparencies, drop shadows and other illustrator effects should have the box for Convert All Strokes UN-CHECKED for them to show correctly in Roland VersaWorks.
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Make A PhotoShop Selection into your Cut Contour Path

You can create a cut contour path based on your selection in Adobe PhotoShop, based on your selection, by following these steps.
Make you selection by using the Magic Wand Tool or other PhotoShop Tools for making a selection.
With your selection loaded, when you see the moving dashed line or marching ants.
Navigate to the PATHS Tab, if you do not have Paths open go to Window then Check PATH to have it open.
On the Drop Down on the upper right of the paths select Make Work Path
adjust the tolerance.
File, Export, Paths to Illustrator, chose work path, save the file as .ai

Open illustrator, Open the file you have saved from Photoshop which is the work path, the .ai file format.Select the file path you just saved it will have no fill or stroke.
Add a stroke colour so you can see it.
Place the jpeg or photoshop file that you used to create.
Place it so that it image intersects at the corner of the Artboard of the illustrator image file. If you can not place using this step you will have to use the alignment tools to have the jpeg photo image aligned with the illustrator work path, that you will use as the cut path. Creating a separate layer that will have one layer with jpeg to be used for the print information, and the second layer for your cut path. This can give better organization to the file, making it easier to edit should you need to do so.
The layer which contains the cut path can be used to apply the Cut Contour settings
which will vary depending if you are working in a Roland, Mimaki or other cutting work flow.

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Receive Email Notices from Roland OnSupport

You can receive email notices from your Roland Printer on when Jobs have been started, completed, ink levels or other activity on your printer. Roland’s OnSupport application for receiving email notices for printer on if a job has been started, or completed. OnSupport can be configured with your email. You can also have notification sent when the ink levels are down to a requested level when you need to replace inks.The software also give’s you the ability to update the firmware on the printer as well as the software itself.
Product information is accessed to online resources for your printer.
The OnSupport program ships with current models of Roland printers.
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Orafol Color Pallets for Graphic Design Software

Orafol provides color pallets for graphic design software.
Color pallets for leading design software be downloaded from
Orafal and added to your design software, such as Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw.
Select the series and type of vinyls that you use and incorporate that into your designs.
The selection of software and product series can be downloaded here.
To add the color pallet, in Illustrator select the Window Tab
Then towards the bottom of the list you should see Swatch Libraries , from the fly out list you will then have Other Libraries … as an option select Other Libraries and locate where you saved the color pallet swatch. You will now have that selection of colors available to add to your designs.
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Setting a Default Media in VersaWorks

To increase your efficiency you can make an adjustment to the what type of media settings you are using for your most common job in Roland VersaWorks. This is done by editing the queue A and B settings.
Under the Edit tab select Queue A Settings (A)
The Queue A Properties window will open
Click on the Quality Tab on the left column.
At the top of the window you will see the first section of options
Media Type with a drop down menu select the type of media that you commonly use.
Make any other adjustments to other settings that you may use frequently such as the
Print Quality or other adjustments that you want.

Click OK at the bottom of the window. Your preferred settings are now saved in that Queue, now when you open a job in that Queue the job will have the properties settings that you have just selected. You can make an adjustment to Queue B an efficient work flow is to use one Queue for the most commonly used material, and the other Queue for a different material such as banner or back light.

VersaWorks is printer RIP management program used for Roland Printers.
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Use Newer Version of Illustrator Files

Use Adobe Illustrator Files That Have Been Save In A Newer Version Than Your Own.
Often you will be provided with Adobe Illustrator files that were saved in a newer version than the version that you are currently using. Your customers may provide you with Illustrator files that could have come from a different source such as a different designer or
a different branch location and you are unable to have them save it down a version so you can open the file. When you try to open the file you will be faced with the warning message that the file was saved in a newer version. This will happen with both .ai and .eps files.
Create a New Document, File then New to Create a New Document
File > Place
This is what your file will look like when you Place it
Once the file is in Illustrator click on Embed

This will allow you to edit and use the file.
This is the file after you have selected Embed allowing you to edit the file
If the original file was created using some of the special effects and features that exist only in that newer version such as drop shadows, and other special effects it may not render correctly. It is really defendant on what was done with the file and the version of Illustrator used to create the original art work and the version that you have.

Roland Printer Assistant App for iPad


Roland has an App for controlling your Roland printer on your iPad.
The App is available as a free download from the iTunes store.
Compatible with an iPad running iOS 6.0 or newer.
Roland Printer Assistant App is a convenient efficient tool for monitoring your printer from the easy access of your iPad. Access the printing status and check your ink levels and other common displays from the menu systems from the interface of the iPad app.
Manage multiple printers from the your iPad and  monitor the status of the printer and make adjustments to a number of settings such as heat and other user preferences.
The current version supports Roland VersaEXPRESS RF-640. Additional printer support to be announced when available.

To add a printer once you connect to the network that you printer is connected to you can either search for available printers or add manually by clicking on the Plus symbol in the upper right corner, and input the ip address manual, that you obtain from the printer menu or that can be found in Roland VersaWorks software.
Cleanings, Test Prints, Heat Settings, Presets and other easy access features are done right from the iPad app.

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