Different Mark Types In Roland VersaWorks

There are many types of marks that can be applied to your print job in Roland VersaWorks software. Identify what the different styles are and what is best suited to your job.
From the Mark tab in the VersaWorks software you have a drop down menu and a Check box with the options available to you. The type of Marks available to you are:

  • Trim Marks
  • Margin Marks
  • FOTOBA Cutline Marks
  • Crop Marks (Print & Cut Alignment)

The Drop Down menu has the first option of No Marks this as it says is no marks at all.
The next option is Trim Marks this will place marks on the corners of your art work
that you can use to align when trim and cut your graphic from the page. These trim marks will have the point of the marks at the corner of your image with the lines going out and away from the image.
Margin Marks will place corner marks which will form a frame around the edges of your image. You have an option to set from the distance from the image from an amount of zero to an distance of your choice for both horizontal and vertical distance. In this example the distance is zero for both horizontal and vertical.
Margin Marks With a setting greater than zero to offset away from your image.
This example the distance is greater than zero for both horizontal and vertical distance.
Fotoba Cutline Marks can be added if using specialized cutting equipment which can make both horizontal and vertical cuts.
Crop Marks for a Print and Cut Job. This selection would be used if you were to print your graphic, and send it to do the cutting portion at a later time. An Example of this would be if you were to print the job, remove it from the printer, laminate it, then reload it back into the printer, then send it as a cut job. The marks for this option look different from other styles and serve a different purpose. Black circles are place in the corners. The black circles are what the sensor reads when finding the position and alignment. The small black rectangle is to indicate what direction the image was printed. The rectangle will be in the lower right corner. When standing in front of the printer and facing it, this rectangle indicates the correct way to reload the page. If your image was solid color with no text or other parts of the design to indicate which way is up and there was nothing on the marks to indicate direction, you would have no easy way of knowing how to load the page. The small “V” shapes in the corners are if you choose to manually align before cutting.
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