Make A PhotoShop Selection into your Cut Contour Path

You can create a cut contour path based on your selection in Adobe PhotoShop, based on your selection, by following these steps.
Make you selection by using the Magic Wand Tool or other PhotoShop Tools for making a selection.
With your selection loaded, when you see the moving dashed line or marching ants.
Navigate to the PATHS Tab, if you do not have Paths open go to Window then Check PATH to have it open.
On the Drop Down on the upper right of the paths select Make Work Path
adjust the tolerance.
File, Export, Paths to Illustrator, chose work path, save the file as .ai

Open illustrator, Open the file you have saved from Photoshop which is the work path, the .ai file format.Select the file path you just saved it will have no fill or stroke.
Add a stroke colour so you can see it.
Place the jpeg or photoshop file that you used to create.
Place it so that it image intersects at the corner of the Artboard of the illustrator image file. If you can not place using this step you will have to use the alignment tools to have the jpeg photo image aligned with the illustrator work path, that you will use as the cut path. Creating a separate layer that will have one layer with jpeg to be used for the print information, and the second layer for your cut path. This can give better organization to the file, making it easier to edit should you need to do so.
The layer which contains the cut path can be used to apply the Cut Contour settings
which will vary depending if you are working in a Roland, Mimaki or other cutting work flow.

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