Perf Cut using Roland VersaWorks and Illustrator

Creating a Perf Cut using Roland VersaWorks and Adobe Illustrator.

A Perf Cut is a perforated cut line is type of cut that resembles dashes. Typically used to tear away portion of the page, such as a tear off coupon.
Set up your design in Illustrator.
If you wanted a contour cut as well as the Perf cut, add an appropriate path where you want each of the cut line types.
Separate them into layers for better organization.

Create the PerfCut Swatch

For a Perf Cut you will have to create the swatch before applying it to your design.
To Create a Swatch in Illustrator to be used for Perf Cut
In Illustrators Swatch Library select the drop down and select New Swatch.
Name the new swatch “PerfCutContour”
the Color Type select “Spot Color”
Select the Color values, it is suggested to use a bright color to distinguish it from other objects in your design.
Click OK to save your PerfCutContour Swatch
Your Swatch Library should now show The PerfCutContour swatch
The PerfCutContour swatch can be applied to the object in your design, apply the swatch to the stroke and keep the fill to none.
Place a duplicate of your Perf Cut Layer and apply the CutContour to the Duplicate.
Be sure that the CutContour duplicate is aligned directly on top of the Perf Cut object.
This will cause the printer to cut the Contour Cut first then PerfCutContour will only be performed on the backing material.
Save the design artwork as an EPS or PDF file

Open the file in Roland VersaWorks.
The document information should display the special items icons for both Cut Contour, The dark Blue A, and the Perf Cut Contour with the light blue A with the dotted box around into.
Double click on the file from the job queue to edit the job properties, click on the Cut Controls tab on the left side.
Set the cut contour settings for what your normal settings are, Check the box for “Enable Advanced Setting” if you need to make any adjustments.
The Perforated Cut Control Settings will allow you to change how your perforations are applied.
Normal Pressure Length is the distance of the cut segment that will not go through the backing paper. The portion that will be attached from the design and the page.
The portion that will be attached from the design and the page.
Perforation length is the distance of the cut segment that goes through the backing paper.
Perforation Pressure is the amount of force that the blade will apply to go the backing paper.
Click on OK then output the file as normal.

Click on OK then output the file as normal.

When the cutting has been completed, a tap with the fingers should tear the picture away from the page.
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